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Announcing EcoHackNYC 2011 - Nov. 4-5

12 August, 2011 - Robin Kraft

[Note: This was ghost written by a certain REDD Metrics colleague. Fifty points if you can tell which one.]

My name is Robin Kraft and I'm a huge nerd. I'll admit that.* (Incidentally, I'll also admit here that Dan Hammer is way cooler than I am.) And in so doing, I would like to announce EcoHackNYC, an unconference in early November for our community of sci/data/hackers passionate about understanding global environmental change.

Javier de la Torre and Andrew Hill, two of the very talented dudes at Vizzuality, are co-organizers and graciously providing meeting space at their NY lair/office. We'll start things off on Friday, November 4 with 5-minute lightning proposals for hackery the next day, followed by rooftop socializing, of course. We'll reconvene Saturday morning to start hacking.

Please visit for more info and to sign up! We'll have more details there soon.

We hope to see you there!

p.s. For those who have to sell this to your boss, Hadoop World 2011 is happening the following week.

* Proud member of GeoNerds-DC!

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